SHIFT Campaign

A shift is a change from one state to another. A shift is also a job: a unit of work. By doing a shift for the Alliance we can move the political agenda from austerity to investment. A personal shift may be anything from sending a letter to your MP, setting up your own local alliance, even just spreading the word about investment in jobs and renewable energy. Invest your time, talent or money to do a shift for the Alliance.

‘SHIFT is the way to get jobs that matter for a future that matters’- John Stewart 

‘Over the past 40 years, our economic and political systems have been captured and corrupted by the 1%- the SHIFT campaign is about recapturing the agenda from the elites, and creating our future. A future for the 99%’ - Joel Benjamin

‘The big SHIFT is from the hopelessness of small organisation trying to tackle vast problems on our own to the confidence we get from working with many varied organisations to the same ends’ - Tony Emerson

‘For me SHIFT is about making public the large step-change to a low-carbon economy in a way which integrates everybody’s individual visions of the future’- Geoff Archer

The SHIFT Campaign

The Alliance for Jobs and Climate is running the SHIFT campaign from now to 2015. This is for two main reasons. First, the AJC sees 2015 as a key target date, with a general election likely in the UK. Secondly, action on climate change is urgent. Carbon emissions must peak and begin to decline by 2015, in order to limit long-term carbon dioxide levels to 350 parts per million. Achieving this target will be reviewed by the UNFCCC in that year.

WHY? People are suffering. Facing down the barrel of unrelenting austerity and a stagnating and fragile economy, millions are aware that currently policy is failing badly. The inadequate investments the current government is proposing are not only spectacularly inefficient in providing jobs, but also fail to respond to the spiralling threat from an alarmingly deteriorating climate – symbolised by disappearing arctic ice and global droughts & floods poised to drive food prices ever higher for families.

There is one simple solution to the economy & the environment. It is a coordinated policy approach centred on retooling the entire economy for genuine sustainability – sometimes referred to as a Green New Deal. This could provide up to twice the jobs for each pound we invest, than the dirty alternatives pursued by the current government. This is why we need:

Massive Investment in Jobs + Massive Shift to Renewable Energy

The SHIFT campaign provides a unified theme to draw together concerned people and organisations form across the spectrum of society. We recognise that only a massive SHIFT in political power from unaccountable banks and global markets to the citizens that our democracy is meant to serve, has a chance of getting us moving towards the decent prosperous and sustainable society that we need. The campaign seeks to unify, coordinate and inspire a movement from below to tackle the top and get it out of the self-serving pockets of the 1%.