Create A Shift

Creating a shift means investing time, talent or money in a mass collaboration and mobilisation to deliver a power shift for the 99% and a future that we can call our own…

Invest Money: Use our donate button to invest in the shift quickly and easily. We recommend regular giving if you can afford it but don’t overstretch yourself.

Promote climate jobs, bring this campaign to TV, web, radio, parliament, stages and streets.

Invest Time: We’ve a million things we don’t have time to do, please take one off our hands. Organise locally and build an Alliance where you are to join the dots.

Persuade someone to join, take a 4 hour twitter shift, put your organisation, network or self to work mobilising your community.

Invest Talent: Promote climate jobs and bring this campaign to TV, web, radio, parliament, stages and streets.

Artist? Volunteer poster designs. Tech Savvy? Help out on the web. Writer? Create news stories and web content. Musician? Promote climate jobs at your next gig. Comic? Raise money with your stand up.

Find your stage and your audience to promote an end to austerity, revenue generation and energy independence.

See how others have created a personal and/or local shift.

Local networks and alliances are the key to building the jobs and climate movement from below. Create a shift by organising a local alliance in your area.

Download our briefing sheet for advice on Building Local Alliances.

Create A Shift