SHIFT Barnet: ‘An Economy for the 99%’

The AJC can’t stop moving as we attempt to SHIFT Barnet, helping to organise another THE ECONOMY FOR THE 99% – SHARE IDEAS & TOOLS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN event. Please join us in the Friern Barnet Library on Monday the 10th of December, at 7.30 pm.

Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, who helped set up the Earth Charter UK in 2007, is one of the key organisers. Rabbi Newman, says ‘we have to get on with it – better late than never, and SHIFT seems a really promising new alliance, pushing all the right buttons’.

It is apt that the meeting is being held in the Friern Barnet Library, which was closed down earlier this year by Barnet Council, a Conservative-run London borough with a fierce cuts policy. Its “One Barnet” strategy involves outsourcing nearly everything the council currently does – resulting in up to £1billion of contracts.

Eight occupiers entered the north London library early in September  and since then it has been run by ‘community’ librarians who are keeping it open for 6 days a week. The council removed the stock of books but now thousands of  books, fiction, non-fiction and children’s titles are stacked neatly on shelves, all donated by the local community.

The main speaker at the event will be Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party.  Other speakers include Keith Sonnet (ex-Deputy General Secretary of UNISON), Phoenix (Occupy Movement), Sara Ayech (Transition Towns) and Peter Robinson (Secretary, Alliance for Jobs & Climate). There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and if you can come early, you will be able to meet the occupiers and they will tell you what they have been doing.

For more details please visit our diary: SHIFT Barnet.
The Alliance for Jobs and Climate is keen to organise similar events in other parts of the country. Have a look here at  the videos from the Camden event.

Please email us at if you are interested in helping set up similar events elsewhere.

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