New Energy Bill will cost the Earth!

The AJC is supporting an emergency demonstration taking place tomorrow, 19th December, demanding a bill for people and the planet, not for polluting profiteers.

Wednesday 19th December 2012
Parliament Square

The Government is trying to sneak its disastrous Energy Bill through Parliament before Christmas with minimal attention.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Come to Parliament Square on the day the Bill is debated to MAKE A NOISE for an energy system that serves people and planet.

Bring instruments, bring chants, bring Energy Bill-themed Christmas songs…

Facebook event:


We are groups and individuals who have come together to highlight the deep flaws in the Energy Bill now going through Parliament. The Bill as written will take us further away from the urgent tasks of cutting down greenhouse gas emissions and helping people to heat and power their homes affordably.

The past year has revealed the dangers of climate change resulting from rising greenhouse gas emissions, caused largely by the burning of fossil fuels. A series of extreme weather events and a melting Arctic point to the future catastrophe we face as a result of a drastically changing climate, caused by the failure to control rising emissions.

Sections of the media and some politicians have framed the Bill as a threat to increase our energy bills to pay for low carbon renewable energy, but this argument is deeply flawed.

The Energy Bill in its current form would lock us into future dependence on fossil fuels – by encouraging a new dash for gas. Our energy bills would continue to shoot up as gas prices increase and we turn to environmentally-destructive fracking.

The lack of a 2030 electricity decarbonisation target in the Bill makes this future dependence on fossil fuels more probable. This frightening omission only serves to line the pockets of Big Energy, instead of making the planet habitable for future generations. We should be empowering communities and individuals to generate their own renewable energy locally, and investing in energy efficiency and storage, to make energy bills affordable for struggling householders.

We call for an emergency demonstration outside Parliament at the second reading of the Bill, and will work to build a further demonstration and rally outside Parliament at the third reading of the Bill.

We need an energy system that serves people and the planet, not Cameron and his cronies.

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