#FareFail Protests

On January 2 UK rail companies hiked rail fares above inflation for a 10th consecutive year, locking in further pain for commuters – already struggling with stagnant or decreasing wages & high inflation.

In response, protests were held in 15 stations around the UK. At Waterloo and Vauxhall stations, around 1500 #FareFail postcards were handed out to angry commuters by the SHIFT campaign, ACT! supporters and TSSA Union members.


The UK already suffers the highest fares in Europe across its privatised rail network, with shocking waste and profit taking occurring at the cost of every day users.

What’s more, privatised companies refuse to re-invest profits in network upgrades and new capacity, as chronic delays and overcrowding continue to be a major issue, despite record fares.

 It’s high time the UK Government stepped in to renationalise the rail network and stop the great train fare robbery. Selling off the network to private companies has been an absolute disaster for the taxpayer. Anyone who claims private companies are more efficient needs to have a good hard look at what’s happened since British Rail was sold off – costs have doubled!

If you missed the protests or just want more information on why they are taking place please view our video clips from London:

Pt 1 Steve Burak speaks about the need for protests:

Pt 2 Sam Tarry, community organiser for the TSSA, speaks:

Pt 3 Charles Secrett, former head of Friends of the Earth, speaks:

Pt 4 The band plays outside St. Pancreas station:

 For further info on upcoming #FareFail protests or for support to organise one at your local station – contact http://www.togetherfortransport.org/farefail/or @forTransport / @jobsandclimate on twitter.


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