Conference with Trade Unionists: “Confronting the Climate Crisis”

The announcement last month that concentrations of atmospheric CO2 had reached 400 parts per million is one more reason why you should join the conference  on June 8th.
It is further evidence that, on present performance, the world is on course for a long term temperature increase of six degrees centigrade. The social, political and ecological consequences of that are unimaginable.  

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We have very little time to build a concerted movement to press governments to take the necessary action to avert a global catastrophe. The June 8th conference will bring together trade unionists, environmentalists and MP’s to discuss ways of building that movement.

Professor Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, has made the following statement on the importance of the conference, at which he will be leading the session on “How serious is the climate crisis and how could it affect us?”.

“As the International Energy Agency highlights, current emission trends are in line with a 6°C temperature rise this century – with ‘devastating implications for the planet’. However, whilst many organisations now recognise the scale of the problem, few are yet prepared to countenance the actions necessary to turn around the emissions tanker. Carbon markets and even government policy is not going to be enough – the scope and scale of reductions necessary to ‘avoid dangerous climate change’ are societal issues crossing generations, cultures and national boundaries. As such, this conference offers an important opportunity to embrace the wider community and to begin to think differently about the unprecedented challenge we all face”.

Register now by clicking here or send your details (including return address) with a cheque payable to Campaign against Climate Change, to Martin Empson, Canon Green Court, West King Street, Salford, M3 7HB.

You can also join our facebook event and on twitter with the hash-tag #ctcc2013.

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