CAMDENSHIFT: An Economy for the 99%

Having launched the SHIFT campaign a few months ago, the Alliance for Jobs and Climate has been touring the country trying to spread the message nationwide.

Last Saturday, 24 November, we held our second event in Camden town hall. It was splendid, attended by 80 people, based upon the Derby one of October 13. We organised it in about 4 weeks, whereas the Derby one had a run in of nearly four months.

Maya de Souza, Green Party Camden Councillor, said:
“It was an exciting event, and began to show that we can all work together to reshape our economic and social structures to create something new and resilient – a brighter future for all. This Coalition has been inspired by similar events in other parts of the country, led by the Alliance for Jobs and Climate.”

The AJC worked closely with Camden Green Party,  the Transition Movement in Camden, Camden Friends of the Earth and others, to organise the all-day event centered around presentations and workshops. The SHIFT movement is about developing broad based local level coalitions that ask for and take action themselves, to counter austerity and to invest in and renew our economy along different lines. It is about creating an economy that is stronger and more resilient; and an economy that works not only for us but for our children and grandchildren, and poorer folks in this country and abroad.

On Saturday, social enterprise and Transition Groups led discussions about setting up new local industries, leading to a bigger renewable sector including anaerobic digestion plants and community solar PV schemes, to a new sector focused on repair. Trade Union groups led discussions about their million climate jobs proposal. Move your Money and UK Uncut talked about putting pressure on Councils and other bodies to invest in a sustainable economy and ethical corporations. George Barda, Occupy, talked about protest and direct action. Crossroads Women’s centre spoke about action by women across the world.  Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, explained her vision of an economy that was needed for a fair, just, peaceful society. Charles Secrett, ex- Executive Director of FOE talked about building a wide coalition that makes it clear to politicians that just coasting on will win them no votes.

This meeting was a beginning and will lead to something more, so if you would like to take part, please email

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