Burning trees vs burning coal- have your say

A new report has been published by the RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace called ‘Burning whole trees in power stations can be dirtier than coal’. See http://www.rspb.org.uk/news/328523-electricity-from-trees-dirtier-than-coal  

The report uses Government’s own data to show that burning whole trees to generate electricity is worse for the climate than coal: generating power from typical conifer trees results in 49 per cent more emissions than burning coal.

The report follows a series of announcements from major coal power stations, including Drax and Eggborough, of intention to switch over from burning coal to burning wood.

The three organisations are calling on Government to cancel plans to subsidise burning whole trees in coal power stations and new ‘biomass only’ power plants. Instead, they want Government to focus on building a small-scale bioenergy sector based on sustainable UK feedstocks, including wood waste and arisings from forestry, as well as continued investment in clean, green renewable energy such as solar, wind and wave power.

On the other hand  the  Renewable Energy Association have this to say on biomass http://www.r-e-a.net/news/back-biomass-campaign-publishes-fact-sheet-on-biomass-and-sustainability. Write to them, ask them if they have read the report, and ask them what to modify their policy!  Send us copies of your emails at alliance@jobsandclimate.org

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