Brighton Public Meeting- TUC Conference

The Alliance for Jobs and Climate staged a fringe meeting at the Trade Union Conference on Monday 10th September.  The meeting was addressed by prominent speakers from both the trade union and environmental movements.  They included assistant general secretary PCS Chris Baugh; deputy general secretary CWU  Tony Kearns; Danielle Paffard from Move Your Money; and the senior energy campaigner from Friends of the Earth.

Both the union speakers stressed the importance of creating ‘climate’ jobs as a key way of hauling the country out of recession.  Tony Kearns pointed to the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ pamphlet produced by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group as a costed guide as to how these jobs could be created.

Friends of the Earth’s energy campaigner acknowledged that important steps had been taken in tackling climate change but criticized the forthcoming Energy Bill as a huge missed opportunity.

Danielle outlined the stunning success of the ‘Move Your Money’ campaign.  Half a million people have moved their money from the large banks which required bail outs to other banks or to mutuals.

Overall the event was a huge success for highlighting the relationship between jobs and climate. The Alliance managed to build bridges with other organisations and educate all in attendance. Look out for more events on our calendar!

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