Alliance Meeting 23/08/12

Thursday the 23rd of August saw a big SHIFT in the Alliance’s campaign. Key players met at HOST  to agree the web launch, fast approaching events and the roll out of the campaign. All agreed it’s time  to SHIFT the economic agenda and bring about a real change to positively impact the livelihoods of millions of ordinary people.

The bulk of the discussion focused on the new website. This will the main interface by which organisations and future SHIFTstirrers will engage with the campaign. Bringing everyone one together and onto the same webpage has been a careful, considered and intense process. But we got there last night. Feedback at the meeting was positive and consistent and it’s clear the hard work paid off. By the end of the discussion the consensus was that the look and functionality was great (and rapidly growing on the die-hard activists among us). The website is set to go up over the weekend and the campaign ready to grow.

Future plans and events were also a key part of the meeting. The TUC march on the 20th October is rallying for “A Future That Works” – a message that resonates with our first demand of massive investment in jobs. There was also a discussion about the Climate Justice meeting at Cowley Road in Oxford on the 8th September which gives people or groups the opportunity to organise something around this event. We also plan to have a presence at the Green Party conference as well as Anne Pettifor speaking at the Labour Party conference in September. It’s an exciting time and we’re looking forward to the next meeting when there will be more SHIFT events on the horizon to discuss.

The Alliance is now in a great position to push forward with a powerful platform. The website gives the campaign a significant presence and SHIFT can now enter the minds and souls of the public. The meeting was a representation of different ages, races and backgrounds coming together with two demands: massive investment in jobs and massive SHIFT to renewables. The meeting in itself was a SHIFT to inspire many, many more.

Join the Alliance for Jobs and Climate and bring an end to austerity 

‘SHIFT is the way to get jobs that matter for a future that matters’- John Stewart

‘Over the past 40 years, our economic and political systems have been captured and corrupted by the 1%- the SHIFT campaign is about recapturing the agenda from the elites, and creating our future. A future for the 99%’ – Joel Benjamin

‘The big SHIFT is from the hopelessness of small organisation trying to tackle vast problems on our own to the confidence we get from working with many varied organisations to the same ends’ – Tony Emerson

‘For me SHIFT is about making public the large step-change to a low-carbon economy in a way which integrates everybody’s individual visions of the future’- Geoff Archer





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