Local Alliances

Local networks and alliances are the key to building the jobs and climate movement from below. We actively promote the development of local networks, alliances and coalitions, recognising we need to learn from one another in order to strengthen the movement, locally and nationally.

There are already many local networks that are involved in jobs and climate issues. We want to support them so that together we can lobby for a massive investment in jobs and a massive shift to renewable energy.

Together we gain inspiration by seeing what the existing local networks, alliances and coalitions have been doing. Here’s advice on how to set up a local alliance: Building Local Alliances.

Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change

SCACC was started by activists in the Green Party and Respect Party joining forces before the first major Climate Demo in London in 2005.  From the beginning it specifically aimed to welcome a broad membership and have no political affiliations. There is no membership fee for SCACC and currently has about 500 people on its email list. For the first 4 years SCACC ran itself by monthly meetings and only last year developed a constitution with an elected executive committee.

The Four Key Aspects that characterise the functioning of SCACC: non aligned, a local focus for actions with strong emphasis on relationship building with the local authority, quality of communication and building and maintaining trust and cooperation with local and national active autonomous organisations.

Use the SCACC case study and check out their local shift.

Email sheffieldclimatenews@gmail.com

Derby Climate Change Coalition

Derby Campaign against Climate Change was started in November 2005. Although Derby is well served by environmental groups, we thought that we needed both a network and a group which focused entirely upon climate change.

From the beginning, we have been more than a group advocating individual actions over specific environmental issues. As we have met and organised in Derby we have kept on refining our main focus and have not sought to duplicate activity around specific campaigns, such as the closure of the local bus station or the erection of an enormous TV screen in the city centre.

There are two types of meetings, monthly public meetings and monthly (at least) business ones. The public meetings have been held pretty regularly, until Copenhagen, when we formed in effect a coalition.

Find out more in the Derby case study.

Email Reg Hand at DerbyClimateCoalition@gmail.com

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

The Kirklees group was founded in 2008. We tends to act as a local forum/ channel for the national Campaign against Climate Change. We take our areas for campaigning from the national Campaign against Climate Change organisation’s key priorities : Radical policy response based on the latest science, Green Jobs, No New Coal, No 3rd runway at Heathrow and an end to Agrofuels. We usually have one campaign focus over six months but often also have a couple of smaller projects.

Find out more in the Kirklees case study. Email: kirkleesccc@hotmail.co.uk