The Alliance for Jobs and Climate is pulling together public and private sectors, trade unions and business, the occupy movement and faith groups, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, young people and academics, change-makers and ordinary people around two fundamental demands.


Decent jobs to meet real needs, transform our economy and safeguard the planet on which we depend on for our lives.

Powering extraordinary innovation, meaningful employment, securing energy supply and reducing energy prices.


Our economy is failing; there is an alternative to austerity, economic insecurity and failure to get to grips with pending climate disaster. To reduce debt and tackle climate change, we have to invest in jobs.

As M Keynes said, “look after employment, and the budget will take care of itself”. Keynes was right. But he didn’t take into account man-made climate change. We have to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions to keep our planet safe and habitable for ‘the 100%’.

The faster we do this, the cheaper and more effective it will be; and the more secure our land, families and communities will be – the International Energy Agency (IEA), known as ‘the gold standard’ for energy gives us just 5 years to avoid locking-in irreversible and catastrophic climate change.

Climate change is “the greatest example of market failure we have ever seen”.
(Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change)


We can only get out of the current mess through massive public and private investment in a low carbon economy and decent jobs. According to Ernst & Young $1 million invested across the European Union in renewable energy creates 21 jobs whereas $1 million invested in oil and gas creates only 15 jobs.

Only jobs can generate the private income and public tax revenues needed to pay down the huge debts generated by an out-of-control global financial system. Just as employment makes life affordable for individuals, full employment makes our public finances affordable.

We want a radical movement that brings together the widest possible range of diverse groups, each working in their own way, and also combining forces, so that the maximum amount of political pressure can be exerted to bring about change.

Lots of us have started to build bridges between different, and sometimes seemingly opposed, sectors, for example between the labour movement (with its emphasis upon growth) and the green movement (with its stress upon reducing consumption). Another bridge has been between those who are disillusioned with conventional politics and those trying to influence elected politicians. In the process we have involved people, in different ways.

All progressive changes in society have been brought about through movements of people, creating a massive groundswell aimed at achieving structural changes to end social injustice; from the civil rights movement in the States, to the abolition of slavery and apartheid to the rights of women. None of these changes could have been achieved by individual actions alone.

We are not affiliated to any political party but believe that national and international political action is required if we are to stop climate change.


Building a national movement cannot just happen from above; there is a need to develop and harness the energies on the ground. There are a great many environmental organisations in the UK. Despite their strengths and creativity they tend to be focused on specific projects and not particularly political. The trade union movement has millions of members and it is essential that, as well as defending its members interests, it picks up the climate gauntlet. In addition there is a vibrant section of people, mainly youth and often dispossessed, who highlighting the inequities of the banking and financial system understand the need for a grassroots mass movement.


- Focus jobs and climate energies into the SHIFT campaign
- Add energy, scale and momentum to existing campaigns
- Support local events through a national network
- Coordinate responses to external events
- Provide regular updates and event invitations
- Develop forums for development of action and policy
- Help you tap into local expertise and gain inspiration
- Provide a guide to building your own networks and alliances
- Give advice on how to align your local groups to the Alliance


Invest in the SHIFT: a mass collaboration and mobilisation to deliver a power shift for ‘the 99%’ and a future that we can call our own…